10 Most Popular Small Business Blog Topics

I write blog posts for small businesses in an effort to help and educate small business owners. I have about 80 writings on my blog. Below are the 10 most popular small business blog topics from my blog.

I have grouped them by general category.

Retirement Planning and Investing

These are the only two posts I have for this category, but they are popular.

Small Business Management

I have written quite a bit on specific topics that could be categorized as small business management. The Covid pandemic may have affected these results.
Here are the top 3:

Financial Topics

Financials are another broad category. These results were very interesting. The S-Corp blog has been the most popular among all categories.

Takeaways from Books

I have written several posts regarding takeaways for small business owners from various books.
Here are the top 2:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

I have only written one post in this category, but it was popular. I had AI write a blog post on a book and compared it to my own writing.

These are my 10 most popular small business blog topics. I found the diversification of popular categories very interesting.

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