The Optimum Solution

Conder Business Solutions consults with business owners and organizational leaders to develop and implement custom and creative solutions that make sense.

Typically, there are 3 main areas to consider when developing and implementing Optimum Solution™,

Science – the data aspects of product, service, process and business designs. This comprises areas such as statistics, probabilities, forecasts, time management, measurements, metrics, laws, regulations, income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets.

People – the human aspects of product, service, process and business designs. Included are employees, customers and vendors. This area is comprised of human beings and their feelings, emotions, cares, concerns, relationships, motivators, skills and personalities.

Art – the style aspects of product, service, process and business designs. This comprises areas such as branding, logos, image, communications, marketing and intuition.

Each company’s goals and problems are unique and require custom and creative solutions. However, we have found that most businesses are looking for some combination of growth, stability and market diversification. Below are examples of specific Optimum solutions that have been utilized by our clients.

Strategic Planning and Decisions – There are many paths a business could follow. We have helped clients decide which one(s) are best for them.

Market Research – We have helped clients identify specific target markets as well as identify competitors and industry trends.

Marketing – Working with our network partners, we have helped clients build websites, write blogs and develop marketing plans and other specific marketing tactics.

Operational Efficiency – We have worked with clients on time management, work flow and communications issues. At times, we have worked with our network partners in this area.

Financial Literacy and Management – We have helped clients understand their financial statements. This understanding is vital in our clients’ ability to manage their businesses. We have trained employees on financial matters so they understand how their behaviors and performance effect the bottom line.

Acquisitions – We have helped clients research, analyze and acquire other businesses. This can be a useful strategy for growth, diversification and stability. For a case study on an acquisition, please click here.

Business Planning – We have helped clients develop business plans for decision making and financing purposes. For more on our business planning philosophy, please click here.

Create New Products, Services and Processes – We have utilized the unique System of Pi™ to help clients generate new ideas, vet them for feasibility and implement them to reap the rewards. For more information about the System of Pi, please click here.

We would begin our solutions process by gaining an understanding of you and your company or organization.

Try to answer these questions. It is ok to answer “I don’t know”.

What do you want for you?

What do you want for your company or organization?

What problems do you see in getting there?

What keeps you up at night?

Are you “busy”, but your business doesn’t seem to grow and become more profitable?

When was the last time you checked your cash flow statement?

When was the last time you implemented a new idea?

Contact us now for a free initial consultation and we can begin understanding each other and developing a custom creative solution for you.