The System of Pi


The System of Pi (Profitable ideas) is a new process created by Conder Business Solutions that generates ideas, vets them for feasibility & profitability and implements them so the profits or other benefits may be realized. The team utilizing The System of Pi is comprised of you, some of your employees or other business associates and a System of Pi expert authorized by Conder Business Solutions.
These profitable ideas can be in the areas of new products, services, processes, customers, markets, marketing strategies and business models to drive revenue growth or other benefits. The profitable ideas can also be in the areas of operations, methods, processes and system improvements to reduce expenses. Some ideas may do both; increase revenues and decrease expenses.


“I was able to participate as a team member and not lead it. This let me engage fully in brainstorming new ideas. I highly recommend the System of Pi”.

– Colin Reed, Owner, Industrial Solutions


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As you might recall from geometry class, Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Therefore, the greater the diameter, the greater the circumference. The same can be said of the ratio of a company’s good ideas implemented and their profits. Therefore, the greater number of good ideas implemented, the greater the profits.

Goals and Mission
We would start the process by gaining an understanding of your company’s goals and mission. We would perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis with you. We would come to an understanding of how your company operates, its products & services and its markets & customers. We would work to identify what problems you face in trying to achieve your goals. Ultimately, we want to determine what you need ideas for.

Idea Generation
In The System of Pi, idea generation is much more than group brainstorming. Unique idea generation tools along with the thoughts of you and your team are used to generate potentially profitable ideas. Then, the ideas are prioritized based on initial thoughts in regards to an idea’s potential profitability, other benefits and ease of development and implementation. Ideas enter the vetting process 1 or 2 at a time for increased focus, control and speed.

The Vetting Process
Not every idea will make it through the vetting process to implementation. In the vetting process, an idea leader from your company, you and an authorized System of Pi expert and perhaps others work to determine the viability of the idea, refinements that may need to be made and potential barriers to implementation. Areas to explore may include competition and industry research, customer or user feedback, sales forecasting, cost estimates, process mapping, prototyping and testing.

Many times, lack of planning and implementation prevents companies from reaping the rewards of their potentially profitable ideas. In the implementation process, an idea leader from your company, you, a System of Pi expert and perhaps others will design a plan of implementation and work to implement the idea.

Is The System of Pi Right for Your Company?

The System of Pi can be beneficial to any size company or organization in any industry that has goals, aspirations and a desire to work hard to be successful.  However, it was designed for owners of smaller businesses and departmental leaders of larger organizations that are serious about generating, vetting and implementing ideas in order to increase revenues, profits and efficiencies.

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