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Innovation for Small Businesses and Organizations

Innovate – to introduce something new; to make changes in anything established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas and products. Businesses and organizations need to innovate in order to grow, remain competitive, survive and thrive. Often, innovation is only associated with wonderful technological advances with large companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and GE to name a few. These companies ...
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Junior Achievement of Oklahoma

I recently participated in a Junior Achievement (JA) event. JA is an organization that teaches kids skills in work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. This specific event is called the JA Investor Challenge. The JA Investor Challenge is designed for high school kids to learn about the stock market through an exciting “hands-on” simulation. This gives the kids a chance ...
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The System of Business

One of the many sayings of Dr. Russell Ackoff, an organizational management expert, is “a system is not the sum of its parts, it’s about their interactions”. Business is a system. Business can generally be divided into 3 main sections: marketing & sales, operations and financials. Of course these sections have overlap and can affect each other. The main goal ...
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