Why We Fear Change and Innovation

I have discovered three basic reasons why small businesses fear change and innovation.  We have a fear of failure.  We do not want to put forth the effort.  We do not know how to properly change and innovate.

We Have a Fear of Failure

We don’t like taking risks because of a fear of failure.  While risk can’t be totally eliminated, it can be reduced with proper knowledge, research and planning.  This makes change and innovation calculated risks.

We Don’t Want to Put Forth the Effort

We seem to take great comfort in our existing products, services, processes and customers.  Even when business is in decline, we would rather wait for business to turn around on its own.  Waiting and doing nothing certainly requires little effort, but may not be the solution.  Business may not turn around before it is too late.

We Don’t Know How to Change and Innovate

Innovation simply means to challenge the status quo with fresh ideas.  It means to make positive changes.  I have found that even when a small business has a desire to change and innovate, they often lack the knowledge or process to do so.


This is why I developed The System of PiTM (Profitable ideas) and The Optimum SolutionTM.  These solutions are designed to bring order and purpose to change and innovation.  The System of Pi is designed for major innovations like new products and services.  The Optimum Solution is designed for changes in business operations.  Perhaps new marketing, more efficient operations, employee training and growth plans.

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