Covid Affects 2020

Covid 2020

Covid Affects 2020: How a Small Business Consulting Firm is Dealing with a Messy 2020

What a mess 2020 is turning out to be. We are battling the Covid pandemic. We’ve had an election that seems to have added to the stress level of our society. Many people and small businesses have been negatively affected in a variety of ways.

Conder Business Solutions has been affected as well. For reference, Conder Business Solutions is currently a one-person small business consulting firm with a pretty deep network of other business professionals.

Lack of Face to Face Business Networking Events

By far, this has been the greatest area of impact. Though I still meet face to face with clients and selected business professionals, the group events have not been occurring. Of course, this is due to precautions in regards to dealing with Covid. We have been told it is best to avoid large gatherings.

I have done different types of video conferencing, but it is just not the same for me. The lack of events has prevented me from presenting, meeting new people and adding much to my client base.

My Clients

Thus far, all of my clients have persevered through this messy 2020. Some of them have a lot of experience in the energy sector. This sector is volatile in and of itself. My clients with an attachment to the energy sector have learned to be excellent financial managers and to diversify their product and service offerings.

Some of my clients have done quite well in 2020. The demand for various professional services has remained strong as well as any products related to fighting Covid. Holiday gift buying is still relatively strong as well.

Overall, Feeling Blessed

The business could certainly be better, but overall, I am feeling very blessed. My health is good. I have top-notch clients and have added even more this year. I have some unique business arrangements that allow me to make great use of my expertise and work ethic. This also allows my clients to reduce some of their financial investment and risk. We look for win-win situations.

My Spiritual center keeps me grounded and humble. I know there are more important things than the performance of my business. Many have not been as lucky as me in 2020, whether it be health or business related. They have my thoughts, prayers and empathy.

This is not my first experience with severe downturns in business. For several years, I owned a manufacturing company. The 1997-1998 time period was not good, but I learned and fought through. Feel free to learn more about that experience.

Reach out if I can be helpful to you. Together, we can do this!

Here’s to a better 2021!