Why Team Member Diversity is Important to Innovation

When your business is considering change or innovation, it is helpful to have more than one person doing the thinking and generating ideas. In our experience, the best ideas start with an individual, but are shaped and developed by a team. All individuals have the capacity to have great ideas.

The reason team member diversity is important is because each individual has different characteristics, backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints. All Team Member Diversityindividuals have a brain that can be used. Too many business owners are not utilizing this resource to its maximum capacity. When we utilize the System of Pi™ (Profitable ideas), unique tools and a diverse team are used to generate ideas.

As an example, we worked with a mid-sized manufacturing company. The idea generation team had departmental diversity. Sales, marketing, engineering, administration and manufacturing departments were all represented. There was some gender diversity as well. We went through the idea generation and prioritization session. One of the ideas that made it to the top for further research was generated by a team member that had the position of administrative assistant. This person’s viewpoints were unique and valuable.

As another example, we worked with a small corporate training company. The team members were all male and all had the same basic background. So, we brought in the spouse of the owner to give diversity to the idea generation team. This person’s viewpoints were valuable. They had a top idea and had great input in refining other ideas.

Even if you own a small company, there are ways to bring diversity to your idea generation team. Your idea generation team can consist of more than employees. Perhaps someone in your close business network, vendor, service provider, family or friend.

We encourage business owners to have a desire to innovate & change. Remember, your team members and others can help you.

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