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Conder Business Solutions offers Oklahoma small business management and development services to businesses located in large metropolitan areas like Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but also businesses in smaller rural communities. Our desire is to work together with you and your team to improve your business.

Our Approach

First, we seek to understand you and your business. Every business is unique and can present unique challenges and opportunities. Unlike some large businesses that are very corporate in nature, we understand that smaller businesses are generally more personable and that there is much more of a relationship between the owner’s business and their personal lives.

If we can not put a finger on the most important challenges or opportunities after our conversation, we may work with you to perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. This along with a deep understanding of the current state of your business will give us some direction.

We believe there are three main pieces to small business management and development: Marketing, Operations and Finance. Generally speaking, the most important challenges and opportunities will be in one or more of these areas.


Marketing is a vast area. This is where you communicate the features and benefits of your products and services to your customers, prospects and target market. The marketing tactics that can be used are vast as well. A small sampling of marketing tactics is websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, trade shows, brochures, networking and direct mail.


Operations are the processes, team members, facilities and equipment within your business. This is where you fulfill the demand for your products and services. Often, processes can be changed to improve work flow, customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability. These changes may need to be made in the office, field or shop floor.


Finance is where the rubber meets the road. It is the outcome of your marketing and operational efforts. Unique to small business, the owner’s personal financial habits may have an impact. Financial management and projections are vital to the success of a small business. Perhaps you have heard the old saying of “cash is king”.

Oklahoma based Conder Business Solutions has developed the Optimum Solution™ that embodies this approach to Oklahoma small business management and development.

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